Membership Opportunities

We invite you to learn more about all of the exciting opportunities that await you as a Silverado Country Club Member. 


All memberships include a spouse or registered domestic partner and children 21 or younger living at home. The following options are tailored to your individual lifestyle. For more details please click on each of the headings listed below.

  • Resident Membership
      • Primary residence is within a 75 air mile radius from Silverado
      • Full club privileges
      • Use of range and all practice facilities
      • Unlimited golf and tennis with no green or court fees
      • Social dining and monthly member events and activities
      • Preferred pricing on Spa membership, dining, merchandise and guestrooms throughout the Resort
  • Non-Resident Membership
      • Primary residence within California outside the 75 air mile radius from Silverado
      • Non-Resident members enjoy full privileges equal to those of Resident members (see above)
  • Social Membership
      • Primary residence within a 75 air mile radius of Silverado
      • Full club privileges including unlimited tennis at no charge and access to golf with a green fee
  • Out-of-State Membership
      • Primary residence outside California
      • Full club privileges including unlimited golf and tennis with green and court fees
  • Senior Non-Participating Membership
      • A member who reaches age 70 and has been a member in good standing for 10 years may become a Senior member
      • Full club privileges with access to golf and tennis with a green or court fee
  • Junior Executive Memberships
      • Limited in number
      • Offered to those between the ages of 22 and 44
      • Features all benefits of the full Resident membership
      • Do not require property ownership within the Silverado Community
      • Progressive Initiation Fee Program allows Junior Executive Members to progressively pay their initiation fee and to apply their paid fees towards a Resident or Invitational Membership when they reach age 45
  • Invitational Membership
      • Exclusive and limited opportunity for those individuals seeking membership without owning property within the Silverado community
      • Invitational members enjoy the full privileges afforded Resident members
  • Corporate and Corporate Invitational Membership
      • A legal entity that owns property within the Silverado residential community may opt for a Corporate membership
      • Allows the Corporation to designate one person from the corporation to be associated with the membership
      • Designee, spouse or registered domestic partner and children 21 years of age or younger living at home are the members
      • No other person will be entitled to the membership privileges
      • Club privileges, Transfer or Initiation Fees, dues and other associated fees are identical to the Residential Membership option
      • The designated person may be changed with the approval of the Board. There is a processing fee of $250 with a change in designation of the membership
      • A legal entity that does not own property within the Silverado Residential Community may purchase one of a limited number of Corporate Invitational Memberships. Club privileges, initiation fees, dues and other associated fees are identical to the Invitational Membership option.